Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sticky #2 House renovations

We have been working on fixing up our house lately and I will say that it is off to a great start.
Memorial weekend we were in Alabama visiting Brandon's family and decided to stop at Rooms to Go, since they were having such a huge sale and we needed a matching living suite really bad!
We ended up getting one and then the rush was on...I wanted to paint the living room before the new furniture came. The living room was a horrible dark forest green color. The new furniture is brown. So we went with Ketrel White or a light beige. After one solid week of spackling, removing old molding, painting, more painting, putting up new molding, it was FINISHED!! It took a lot of work AND sweat!! Now it looks great.
A few months later, dad and Brandon spent a day replacing the old outside breaker box, breakers, and wires, then putting in the new one with the new breakers wired on the RIGHT circuits :)
Yesterday dad and I were off from work,and Brandon didn't work till that evening, so we decided it would be a good idea to work a little more on rewiring the inside of the house. We had previously done the living room and dining room, and dropped wires for other places. So yesterday we planned on hitting both bedrooms, the hall, and the bathroom. And we DID it!! It took all day but those were some major areas that needing rewiring.
So now, the guest bedroom has new outlets, a switch for the light AND a switch for the fan.
The master bedroom has new outlets, a switch for the light AND a switch for the fan..at the CORRECT height (the one switch was at least 60in up the wall..too high for me!)
The bathroom has two outlets..instead of one. And it works with the light ON! :) It also has a separate switch for the vent fan and light, as well as the regular light.
The hall now has a switch for the light. We moved the thermostat to a different wall as well as the light. The wall it was on will eventually become a linen closet (fingers crossed) :)
So we had a big day!! But I am so happy that I can turn lights on with a switch and not have to pull fan light chains, and be able to plug things in with the light on.
We have also just finished painting the dining room (was sage green), the guest bedroom (was a marine blue), next we will paint the hall (was a dirty taupe), it will match the living room.
My dad is an amazing man and I love and appreciate him very much!!:)
Brandon and I have decided that as a thank you for his work at the house, we are buying him tickets to see the Nascar race at night at Bristol Motor Speedway for August next year (which might fall on his birthday weekend..even better!!) He knows and is tickled to death to go. He will be like a kid in a candy store. He has been wanting to go for so many years, I think this will be a major highlight for him.
I will try to post pictures of our newly painted rooms soon!

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